24 Mar 2021
CASY is a software made in Switzerland

Order and precision.

Switzerland is the land of things done right.

It is not just a stereotype but an approach to life and a way of dealing with situations that have characterized the work of Swiss citizens for generations.

The same attention and dedication that we have dedicated to the development of CASY, our innovative hotel management software. CASY is a comprehensive front-office program that greatly facilitates the management and operation of hotels, guesthouses, vacation homes and resorts.

Our innovative CASY software allows you to have all the important information for the management of your hotel in one place:

- Simple and intuitive use

- No need for additional hardware, access possible from any part of the globe (including mobile)

- Clear accounting and cash and asset control

All this with an unbeatable quality-price ratio!

CASY Hotel Software, in fact, is a management solution structured in modules.

He can decide to configure the software according to the needs of his facility by paying only for what he actually needs.

Switzerland is also the land of innovation. The nation's innovative spirit spans every area.

CASY was created by hotel industry professionals to offer the best to hotel managers.

CASY is a so-called cloud solution that does not require any additional hardware.

As easily as he browses the internet, he simply can access CASY software from anywhere.

Switzerland is also synonymous with security in all areas, especially in the IT sector.

Your data will be safe with CASY.

The CASY hotel software guarantees all our customers an organized and safe management. Thanks to our software you will be able to manage your hotel in an optimal way, saving time and costs and retrieving the information you want quickly and effectively.

We are at your disposal to answer any questions: contact us here.