15 Mar 2020

Special offer prolonged: 50 % Solidarity discount

Special offer prolonged: 50 % Solidarity discount

We can now see light at the end of the tunnel: various parties are urging the Federal Council to put Switzerland’s economic life back on track. As soon as the restrictions are eased or lifted, people will want to travel again and to do something good for themselves. Are you ready for your guests?

CASY is an extremely user-friendly and cost-effective hotel management software which assists you efficiently, relieves you of many cumbersome manual tasks and is very suitable for home-office.

We, the CASY-Team, agree that we should support each other during unusual situations. For this reason, we decided in April to make you an extraordinary offer:

50 % SOLIDARITY DISCOUNT on the first annual licence of the CASY software. You will not find any other modern software at this price! In addition, you will receive the module “Federal Statistical Office online” FOR FREE.

Because of the many positive reactions, we PROLONG THE SPECIAL OFFER: if you choose CASY by 30 June 2020, you will benefit from the 50% Solidarity Discount and the free module.

Use your time and ask now for a non-binding offer!

We wish you all the best and we would be happy to be at your disposal also in the future.

PS: Those who invest during moments of crisis will benefit the most from the upturn. Take now a step forward!

06 Sep 2019

CASY Self Check In: Paperless. Easy. Quick. Safe

CASY Self Check In: Paperless. Easy. Quick. Safe

After numerous demands, CASY now offers a Self-Check-In module, as a new addition to the reliable software.


Shortly before the guest’s arrival, he receives automatically a link to the online check-in. He can check-in at home or on an iPad/tablet at the hotel reception. All information is registered automatically in CASY.


  • Easier, quicker and paperless check-in, shorter waiting time for guests
  • Information for registration forms already filled in
  • Guest’s consent for terms of data protection (GDPR) already obtained
  • Independent and automatical updating of guest’s main information
  • Safe, as without memorization of credit card data
  • Automatical sending of bills is possible

Less expense for routine tasks, more time time for your guests!

Benefit from it now!

06 Sep 2019

CASY, the easy-to-use hotel management software. Change now!

CASY, the easy-to-use hotel management software. Change now!

Digitalization doesn’t even stop in front of small and medium-sized hotels. Who isn’t going along is going to to face more and more difficulties.
CASY is a Swiss product which has been developed by a former hotelier. The software is extremely easy to use and facilitates considerably the working tasks. CASY can be extended in a modular way at every moment and be adjusted perfectly to your demands. You just pay for what you really need!

01 Aug 2019

Direct booking

Grab this chance for your hotel.

Our modern hotel management program CASY will increase the amount of direct bookings on your site, reduce administrative expenses, and save commissions from bookings on online portals. CASY supports perfectly the objectives of the DIRECT BOOKING campaign of hotelleriesuisse.

The CASY front office program is incredibly easy to use and makes working at the front desk become almost like child's play. Manage room bookings across all channels and platforms from a single program and have all the latest figures automatically at your fingertips.

CASY pays off within a short time!

What CASY does

CASY does everything that's needed of a good hotel management program and can be adapted to your requirements. Why not give it a try?

22 Jul 2019

Manage yields optimally

Manage yields optimally

More yields thanks to the integrated Yield Manager. CASY front office manager software adjusts prices according to occupancy and time of reservation. It allows you to regulate room rates flexibly, and to always achieve an optimum result. Cheap, fast and so easy! Hotel room reservations are enhanced with CASY front office manager software.

CASY is easy!


03 Jun 2019

Gain time and win guests with CASY Channel Manager

Gain time and win guests with CASY Channel Manager

Really easy: sell more rooms in a better way with CASY., thanks to the integrated channel manager, directly on your commission-free websites and other booking channels. The ingenious 2-way system, with minimum effort. Rent and manage your hotel rooms with CASY Front. Online, easy and cheap.

CASY is easy!

26 May 2019

Hot extensions

Hot extensions
  • With the new observation system, saving comments in the guest profile in different and editable lists is very simple. For example, if a guest suffers from a lactose allergy, you can enter this into the remarks lists for "Kitchen" and "Hall" and both departments will be informed.
  • Now your CASY software also offers a new direct link to TicinoTopTen Weekly. Simply download the weekly suggestions directly into your CASY Hotel Management software.

Make a successful start into the new season. We offer you 3 valuable extensions at an extremely attractive price. With the same or even less effort, they will result in a noticeably better customer service, and more sales.

  • New Channel Manager "Vertical Booking": In addition to TOMAS and Hotel Spider, now you can also connect the Channel Manager "Vertical Booking" to CASY to manage your rooms.
  • New statistics for forecasting: Thanks to the new statistics options, you can optimize Yield Management, Marketing Campaign or Employee Planning at the touch of a button. For CHF 220.00/year
  • Birthday Alert: This practical tool notifies you automatically when a guest celebrates his/her birthday. For CHF 144.00/year

These valuable extensions can be easily ordered at +41 (0) 44 586 51 01 or info@www.casy.ch

Expert advice forms part of our service at CASY - we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about updates and extensions. Please contact us without any obligation, we will be happy to help!

27 Apr 2019

More profit. Less effort. Better customer service.

More profit. Less effort. Better customer service.

Airlines have been working successfully with dynamic prices for a long time now (yield management).
This enables them to improve their workload, revenue and profits.
Yield management also works for hotels, resorts, hostels and holiday apartments.
We will show you how to use CASY hotel software to make working with dynamic prices ridiculously easy.
Are you not quite sure? Do you have any questions?
Invest 5 minutes in your future! Call us with no obligation
+41 (0)44 586 51 01, we will answer your questions and explain all the possibilities to you.
Think about the next season now and you will soon reap the rewards!
Rely on CASY hotel software!
More profit. Less effort. Better customer service.