19 May 2021

The new version of Casy is coming!

The new version of Casy is coming!

Big news is coming for CASY customers and beyond!
We have long been working on a novelty that is very close to our hearts: a new version of our software.

Our goal is to always guarantee the best to ours: the most advanced technology and the most convenient interface to help you better manage your facility by optimizing time and costs.

The new version is ready and is currently distributed in beta to some of our customers for final testing. Once this phase of alignment has been passed, it will be available to everyone.

The new CASY interface is even simpler, more immediate and intuitive. The aim we have tried to pursue in the development of this CASY update is precisely the desire to simplify the work of our customers.
Not only simplification and usability, but also enhancement and new features.
We have enhanced our interfaces with various restaurant cash register systems.
These interfaces allow you to integrate external systems to further automate the work upon receipt.

Innovating and offering the best has always been part of our entrepreneurial spirit and our Swiss roots.
Do not miss the opportunity for your hotel: CASY costs are modular according to the needs of the specific structure and are amortized in a short time. The functionality and effectiveness are unmatched.
With CASY, the modern hotel management program, increase the percentage of direct bookings on your site, reduce administrative burdens and save on online booking portal commissions
The CASY Front Office program is incredibly easy to use and greatly reduces the amount of work in the reception area.

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10 Mar 2021

Home Office for hotels with CASY

Home Office for hotels with CASY

Lo smart working sta diventando una realtà quotidiana per un gran numero di lavoratori.

Hai mai pensato alla possibilità di gestire il tuo hotel in modo completo e sicuro anche in smart working?

Hai gli strumenti giusti per coordinare le attività amministrative e gestionali del tuo hotel anche a distanza?

Da oggi puoi farlo grazie a CASY.

CASY Front è un programma completo di front-office che facilita notevolmente la gestione e il funzionamento di hotel, pensioni, case vacanza e resort.

Uno dei punti di forza più interessanti è rappresentato dalla gestione in cloud della piattaforma.

Questo ti permette di avere accesso ai dati rilevanti della tua struttura semplicemente avendo a disposizione una connessione internet e un computer.

Da tutto il mondo hai accesso ai tuoi dati: non è richiesto alcun hardware aggiuntivo per utilizzare il nostro software.

Con la stessa facilità con cui navighi in Internet da qualsiasi parte del mondo, accedi al tuo CASY ovunque ti trovi. CASY funziona con Windows, Mac e Linux. CASY funziona su computer desktop, laptop, tablet e smartphone.

Davvero una possibilità di accesso illimitata!

Grazie al gestionale alberghiero CASY puoi gestire la tua struttura anche da remoto, avendo sotto controllo tutte le informazioni rilevanti.


La possibilità di gestire il tuo hotel in modo completo ed efficiente in smart working grazie a CASY ti permette di affrontare efficacemente diversi scenari:

- Se il tuo hotel è attualmente chiuso, puoi continuare a gestire le prenotazioni per il periodo di riapertura comodamente da casa tua

- Se parte del tuo staff lavora attraverso l'home office, grazie a CASY tutte le informazioni amministrative e gestionali importanti sono disponibili con un semplice click.


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26 Jan 2021

How to improve the online booking of your hotel?

How to improve the online booking of your hotel?

Online booking of hotel rooms, resort facilities and apartments represents an increasingly important opportunity for operators in the hospitality sector.

The online booking sector largely sees the presence of some large Online Traveler Agencies (OTAs) specialized in this activity. If the presence on these portals is often indispensable, it is equally important to better manage the direct booking by customers within the website owner of the hotel.

This allows, in fact, to reduce the commissions to be allocated to OTAs and, at the same time, to retain customers thanks to an easy, fast and convenient use of online booking.

How can you increase the value of your potential customer's online booking experience?

Definitely a fundamental aspect for the online booking of rooms in your structure is to offer the possibility of managing personalized bookings. It is important, in fact, to provide the customer with the possibility to book any extra services and other aspects as a corollary of the reservation (eg parking, shuttle or much more).

Another very important element is the ability to offer a mobile version of the booking system that is easy for the customer to use and available in several languages.

Furthermore, the payment system must be easy to use on all the different devices and safe for every transaction.

Last but not least strategic is the possibility offered by the booking system integrated on the website of the structure to constantly innovate and keep up with the changing needs of the market. In fact, it is essential to ensure constant updating in order to quickly cope with future developments in the hospitality market without the need to make substantial changes to the system.

With CASY Hotel Software you rely on a modern, convenient and easy-to-use hotel management software designed to optimize hotel management work.

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27 Apr 2019

More profit. Less effort. Better customer service.

More profit. Less effort. Better customer service.

Airlines have been working successfully with dynamic prices for a long time now (yield management).
This enables them to improve their workload, revenue and profits.
Yield management also works for hotels, resorts, hostels and holiday apartments.
We will show you how to use CASY hotel software to make working with dynamic prices ridiculously easy.
Are you not quite sure? Do you have any questions?
Invest 5 minutes in your future! Call us with no obligation
+41 (0)44 586 51 01, we will answer your questions and explain all the possibilities to you.
Think about the next season now and you will soon reap the rewards!
Rely on CASY hotel software!
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