30 Apr 2021
Find out how to eliminate the risk of overbooking

Overbooking is a fairly common practice in the hotel industry, but not only, and refers to the acceptance of reservations for a number of seats greater than that of which it actually has availability.
This approach allows the structures to always guarantee the largest possible number of rooms booked, maximizing revenues and efficiency.
To manage overbooking effectively and correctly without affecting the customer experience, however, one aspect is fundamental: having complete, clear and updated data in your facility under control.
To manage overbooking, it must therefore collect and study many numbers carefully: an activity that can be done thanks to statistical analyzes that only dedicated software can make available.
For this, and for many other activities, CASY is the ideal solution for hotels of all sizes.
Our software allows you to have all the sales in online portals under control and eliminate the risk of overbooking even in high season.
The functionality that allows overbooking control is the interface with the Channel Managers: this is a solution suitable for all types of hotel facilities.
The Channel Manager is a tool that interfaces with online booking channels such as Booking.com, Expedia, Venere and others to automatically update inventory and prices without having to access the individual extranets related to the channels.
Thanks to the interfaces with the Channel Managers, with CASY it is possible to manage the sale of the rooms of its structure within the main online booking portals and monitor its progress through a single interface thanks to the real-time synchronization of information.
CASY allows you to monitor all bookings for your facility from different channels from a single cloud platform, reducing management times, eliminating errors and increasing efficiency.

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