24 Feb 2021
PreStay-Mail: Can you welcome your customers effectively?

The bond with the customer is a very serious matter: what better way to strengthen it than by sending a welcome email upon receiving the reservation?

The management of email communications with customers is a strategic activity for operators in the hotel industry.

The advantages of sending PreStay email communications are, in fact, numerous:

- Anticipate the customer's stay experience by opening, metaphorically, the doors of the structure

- Reassure the customer

- Investigate your preferences with the aim of providing customized solutions

- Offer useful information

- Offer the possibility of booking extra paid services thus increasing the revenue for the structure

Some useful information to be included in the PreStay email are, for example:

- check-in and check-out times

- procedures to cancel or modify the reservation

- logistical directions to reach the hotel

- offer of extra services

- advice for activities to be carried out during the stay.

Similarly, sending PostStay communications is strategic when the customer leaves the facility at the end of the stay.

A typical example of this type of communication is the sending of the satisfaction questionnaire with relative thanks for the stay.

Our CASY hotel management software also includes the SelfCheckIn module that allows hotel managers to define PrePostStay communications via email with customers in a centralized way, without the need to install specific hardware, but simply through the use of a web application.

Thanks to our PrePostStay-Mail module, in fact, you can contact your guests via e-mail, in a completely automated way, some before or after the stay, when you prefer.